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ViGotH's gameplay for Amnesia: The Dark Descent (PC-MAC)

ViGotH played Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Day 6 of Amnesia: Finally I completed the game for a second time, but man oh man did it finish off with a huge fright... twice!

So I ventured off to help Agrippa. It wasn't pleasant really, as I had to gather three items as well as the pieces of the orb. The Choir is as unpleasant as I remember. It is by far the darkest area in the entire Amnesia, and also one of the place where you spend the most time in, because you keep on running around in circles thanks to the darkness.

To make matters worse, you encounter so many Brutes in the Choir, so you constantly need to be on your toes, as well as know where to hide and how to avoid them. I wasn't so lucky this time. After getting fed up with running in circles, and eventually finding all of the items, I had my next encounter with a Brute (one of many), but this time the damn mofo spawned right in front of me as I was on my way to cross the one bridge.

I got such a huge fright, because I had to get away, it saw me and took chase. I ran around like a crazy around on pillar, and it kept on chasing and chasing, though it never caught up with me. After a while a got slightly ahead, and somehow moved behind the pillar and it stopped giving chase.

That was by far the most intense experience I ever had with Amnesia. It is not pleasant running around a pillar just to avoid the damn Brute.

I had another fright too, but that was because of a scene in the game with the Iron Maiden. It was just unexpected. Further more, I continued, and assembled the orb, and went into the Inner Sanctum to defeat Alexander. This time I checked out all of the possible endings.

And so this chapter ends once again.
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